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Humans of Guilford (Spring 2017)

"This organization started in 1979 with Three Mile Island.  It was a protest against nuclear energy, and that shifted into a protest against nuclear weapons.  The Freeze Campaign started in 1982, and then we were protesting the deployment of missiles into Western Europe.  We were fueled by that for many years, and we used to have forums and walks and all sorts of events.  But then graduall…

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Grace Zhou

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Student Life


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  • Trapped
    As I look out from within I watch as people pass me by Their hands grasping each other, their smiles wide Their eyes ful
  • Thus The Seasons In Succession…
    Prima A cool, wet wind blows With hopes of stability Seeds fall to the ground…   Sumor Sun scorches the Earth, Th
  • The Farm
    Pink peach fog enters through the windows clouding the room with a sugary mist; the cool summer morning. The little girl
  • Sound of Serenity
    The pages flew open, and the keys were exposed. Gleaming in the warm light, the white valleys waited to sound in the mid
  • Size Zero
    All my life, I have been, that I need to be a size zero. I have been told that, it is the best size to be and men will o

Arts & Entertainment


  • Best First Cars and What to Avoid
    Buying a car can be intimidating, especially for first-time drivers. With so many options out there, it is easy for some
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    Best Study Spots in Guilford
    It looks like another school year is upon us, and with that comes mounds of work, work, work.  If you’re like me,
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    Centro Pizza Review
    Centro Pizza Review After a long day at the Guilford fair, the warm, friendly atmosphere of Centro Pizza was a refreshin
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    Culinary Review: Hen and Heifer
    In the search for excellent restaurants, cuisine, ambience, service, creativity, and dedication to quality ingredients o
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    Guilford Food Gems
    Stuck in Guilford this summer? While your friends are eating French or Italian cuisine in Europe, hop off your couch and
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    Music to My Earphones
    In the last decade, the internet radio craze has swept the web, resulting in numerous sites for both listening and creat




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    Fashion Feed
    Ok Ladies, fall fashion is finally in session. If you’re anything like me, you have already put away your summer c

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