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Sound of Serenity

The pages flew open, and the keys were exposed. Gleaming in the warm light, the white valleys waited to sound in the midst of the black hills. His soft hazel-green eyes examined the music. Meanwhile, his fingers graced the surface of the keys like a boat upon calm waters. However, a shift in the winds seemed to fall upon the surface as hands bobbed the contrasted spots of color up and down in a wild pattern, resulting in a harmonious melody. Suddenly, all fell silent. With the piece now finished, his calloused hands receded back into the plush cuffs of an oversized sweatshirt. His heart yearned to play for just another minute, but the stars had long ago freckled the sky, having drawn his world into slumber. The realm of freedom that the melody transported him to dissolved, bringing him back to reality – leaving him as nothing but a caged bird wrapped in silence. Despite this, another means to escape into the solace, a sanctuary of sound, presented itself. Headphones dangling off his desk, much like a set of keys, offered an alternative route to the free-spirited atmosphere he embraced only moments ago. The rhythm, now pulsating through his ears, was reminiscent of raindrops, evoking memories of gray painted skies and the smell of chilling, damp air. While some may find such images unpleasant, he found himself swept up in a sort of fascination, pondering the idea that nature has always been like a musician, if not a full-fledged composer. The concept was truly inspiring, perhaps even exquisite. It reminded him that music, the sound of serenity, was everywhere – that peace could always be found.