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Centro Pizza Review

Centro Pizza Review

After a long day at the Guilford fair, the warm, friendly atmosphere of Centro Pizza was a refreshing respite. My family and I were welcomed at the door by Ralph, the friendly manager, and quickly seated.

Centro Pizza has a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere that immediately places one at ease.  The soft pastels on the walls, scenic paintings, and high ceilings give the seating area a sense of loftiness and separation from the hot Saturday afternoon. Adding to the restaurant’s casual character were the variety of diners, from families with small children eating out to teenagers enjoying a good dinner before the Guilford Fair.  

Our appetizers arrived around ten minutes after we had ordered, and the rest of the meal five minutes after that. This was a source of complaint for my family and I, as we had not even finished our appetizers when our food came. The pizza and pasta remained untouched for ten minutes while we socialized and conversed.

The food was delicious and flavorful. We had ordered a large vegetarian pizza with peppers, olives, mushroom, and broccoli, and an order of spaghetti with meatballs. Additionally, tilapia piccata was ordered. The pizza was extremely tasty, with the right balance between the crust, sauce, cheese, and vegetables. Delightedly, I found that the crust of the pizza was not too thick and the pizza had absolutely no grease. At many Italian restaurants, a common problem I find is too much grease. The tilapia piccata was also very delicious, and was light and not too spicy.

While the service has been excellent on all our prior visits, it was particularly superior on this occasion. Our waitress was very conscientious, checking in on our party often. I found the service there to be wonderful.  The manager Ralph lends the restaurant a more personal feel by checking in on patrons and chatting.

Despite Centro Pizza’s few shortcomings, namely the spacing between our order, it was a positive experience. The food was delicious and Centro’s provided a casual atmosphere that put my family in a relaxed mindset. Overall, I would recommend Centro Pizza to families or friends who want a casual place to hang out or a place to enjoy a more formal dining experience.  


Address: 67 Whitfield Street, Guilford CT 06437 Telephone: 203-453-7481


Hours: Monday-Thursday: 11am-9am Email: info@centropizzaofguilford.com

Friday-Saturday: 11am-9:30am Sunday: 11:30am-9am