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Best Study Spots in Guilford

It looks like another school year is upon us, and with that comes mounds of work, work, work.  If you’re like me, you can’t be staring at books at home for hours on end, so switch it up and test out one of these hand-picked study spots in Guilford, where I’ve turned to in times of crisis (aka APs and midterms).


Guilford Library:

The essential.  Around midterms, AP’s, and finals, you’ll be confronted with a sea of sweatshirts and Dunkin cups here, but nearly any other time of year you’ll have no problem finding a quiet study spot.  The seating variety here is the library’s selling point, from the middle tables in the adult section to the beanbags in the teen section to the desks tucked back in adult nonfiction.  Most of them also have an outlet at easy access, and wifi is fast and free.  Library hack: especially during busy times, hit up the children’s section after around 5.  No one takes their two year old to the library at night, and it’s normally empty.  Hours are a little rough but there’s bound to be someone from one of your classes that can help you through a tough problem there.  Located at …(honestly, if you don’t know where the library is, you’re probably an impostor from Madison) the green.


The Marketplace:

While only a recent addition to Guilford’s culinary scene, The Marketplace has become a popular stop for students and adults alike, drawn by their vast food selection.  From gourmet wraps to a great salad bar to some of town’s best smoothies, it’s easy to see why.  Over finals week, I also discovered what a great study spot it is.  There’s plenty of seating, especially near the windows, free wifi, and plenty of outlets.  It proved to be a great alternative to the library, with a constant supply of people watching outside (only on study breaks…) and enough food to keep me going all day.  That being said, being surrounded by so many fresh & diverse options wasn’t the best for my wallet, as I snacked a little more than I or my wallet wanted to, but the impeccable quality of the food and great service were more than worth their price.  Located at 77 Whitfield Street, Downtown (on the green)



Home to my favorite cup of coffee in Guilford, Cilantro’s is a great place to head to get work done.  It really has that coffee shop vibe that so many turn to, from the smells of freshly brewed coffee to the background conversations that serve as the perfect ambiance for focus.  Cilantro’s has free wifi, and in addition to great coffee, their sandwiches are to die for as well. However, it’s a hotspot on the weekends, making finding a place to sit hard, but once the morning crowd has cleared out, it’s generally pretty easy to find a seat for the rest of the day. It’s a Guilford classic, and you’re bound to see at least one other person studying there.  To cap off a hard day’s work, try one of their mouthwatering dessert bars (I always get suckered into their raspberry bars, 10/10 recommended)  Located at 85 Whitfield Street downtown (on the green)


Perk on Church:

In my opinion, Perk’s the best place for group projects.  There’s always plenty of seating and especially upstairs there’s the ability to join multiple tables together and collaborate.  If the weather’s nice, I would encourage hitting the books on one of their many outdoor tables (the wifi even works out there too!)  The staff are friendly and accommodating, and a Perk study session always comes with free, fast wifi.  The food’s to die for as well, with their smoothies, iced coffee and Jeanette’s banana foster as some of my picks–ideal study snacks for any time of day.  The only downside of Perk, however, is their hours, as they close at 6 every day, but are open for 11 hours on Sundays, a rarity among small businesses.  Located on 20 Church Street downtown (just past the community center)


The Docks:

If you’re looking to add some scenery and fresh air to your studies, this is the place for you.  Enjoy views of the quintessential ‘shack’ among sea breezes down by the docks for a peaceful study location.  There’s always plenty of parking and picnic tables to work on; Although, if you’re feeling especially free, bring down a beach blanket and study on the sand.  Another plus of this location is its tranquility, there’s barely any noise but the sounds of the sea and really nothing to remind you of school.  Test it out yourself before the snow steals one of Guilford’s hidden gems from you.