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Fashion Feed

Ok Ladies, fall fashion is finally in session. If you’re anything like me, you have already put away your summer clothes and brought out the big chunky sweaters. But are you sure you’re prepared for what this season brings? if not, there is no need to fret! Here’s some tips to help you get your fall fashion ideas rolling.

First of all, you have to remember, fashion is a statement. Yes, you can wear what everyone else wears, but what is the fun in that, huh? ¬†We are young! Timeless is now, and you should take advantage of that because I know you can. My first fall tip for you is about the new colors. As much as we love our bright neon hues, they need a break for the season. It is time to take out the browns, mustard seed yellows, oranges, and reds. The perfect warm colors to keep you warm this fall. And don’t even get me started that every single one of these shades looks great with a pair of dark jeans and brown boots.

That brings me to another note, which is to remind you that its time to take your boots out from hiding! they’re dying to be worn, and I know you must be dying to wear them too. They can turn any flowy, floral dress into the perfect October outfit. ¬†Corduroy is another go to material for the season. Skirts, pants, jackets, you name it!! And who needs a boyfriend, when you can have boyfriend jeans!?! Ripped boyfriend jeans, cuffed with booties, a flannel and a choker can be pulled off any day of the week, they’re just waiting for you do say when.

Remember, dress to impress…. but dress to impress yourself, first. An unhappy outfit day calls for an unhappy day, as we all should know. Just be bold, be you, and stay snuggly!