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Why You Should Listen to Sufjan Stevens

Though known for being a key component in the alternative youth culture today, Sufjan Stevens’ music transcends the boundaries of what music should be. His earthy, yet soothing voice in concert with his poignant and powerful lyrics is almost magnetic; it is hard to stop listening. His several albums span from versions of classic Christmas songs and a whole album dedicated to the death of his estranged mother, which in turn strengthens his position as a singer-songwriter for every mood. Whether it is dancing to the 25 minute rock ballad, “Impossible Soul,” or singing gently to oneself the beautiful words of “From the Mouth of Gabriel,” his music will make you feel alive, free, and without earthly worries. Don’t be wary of his impressive, but daunting number of albums because you will not be disappointed by how your life transforms according to the music.


Songs to get acquainted with his music:

“Drawn to the Blood” on Carrie & Lowell

“Vesuvius” on The Age of Adz

“Christmas in the Room” on Silver & Gold

  “All Delighted People (original version)” on All Delighted People

“The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!” on Illinoise

“To Be Alone with You” on Seven Swans
“Vito’s Ordination Song” on Michigan