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Humans of Guilford (Autumn 2016)

_mg_0987“Well, I’m the Sorcerer Gaul, the good sorcerer, and this is Queen Dora.  I’ve written these two books.  I’m working on the third, and I’m sure there’ll be a fourth.”

“We’re from the Scandinavian book.  It takes place in Scandinavia, circa 900, and the second one takes place in Sudan, or Nubia.  And the third book that he’s working on takes place in Mongolia and China with Genghis Khan.  He’s received seven 5-star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon.  And he actually has some film producers looking at his stuff.”



_mg_0927“I went to Guilford High in ‘68.  I taught art for four years with Cheryl Kling.  She was my student.  Well, she was my student teacher.  She was going to college and I was her master teacher, and she was my student.  And then when I left teaching there, she got my job.  That was cool.  And then I moved to Virginia and taught there for twelve years.”



_mg_0938“This is an interim piece.  I’m working on a beautiful moon picture that’s really big and very dark blue and needs a lot of shadows.  Then I got tired of it.  So I had to take a break, and so I thought I’d do a little simple, fall branch.  The background of a painting is always my least favorite part to do, and for me to think I’m gonna have to do it twice!  Now, is the background too blue?  I think this is blue enough, do you?  Or should I make it a little bluer even still?  Painting by committee!  Oh, the birth of a painting!”