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Student Life

Capstone Presentations


The Guilford High School Capstone presentations will take place on January 10, 2017. Presentations will be ongoing from 4:30- 7:00pm in the Guilford High School Information Technology Center. The Capstone Project is an enriching activity which engages students in a personalized learning experience and provides the opportunity to demonstrate and display the academic expectations in the GHS mission statement.
The students participating in the project welcome the opportunity to present their projects to the community and answer questions related to their work. Community members may attend all or a portion of the presentations.
The following is a list of student presentations:
The Spoiler Effect on American Democracy :“My project is an explanation of the spoiler effect and how it affects the democratic process.
Biomedical Engineering: “My project is to assist my grandmother in performing everyday tasks.”

The Physics Behind Running “I am sure most, if not all of you have gone for a run before, but did you know that when you are running you are following Newton’s laws of physics?  “
Concussions in Soccer In my presentation, I am going to show the audience how concussions pertain to the sport of soccer.  “
How Stress Levels Affect Teenagers “For my independent study, I focused on the effect of stress on juniors and seniors in Guilford High School.”