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The People You Didn’t See in Sweeney Todd




Halle Ferrara – Running Crew

Grade: 10

Years Active in GHSTA:1

Halle Ferrara

What have you been doing to prepare for the production?

“Personally, I’ve been working with the crew chief to move things on and off the set. Also, I helped paint a majority of the set black.”

What is the hardest part of running crew?

“Knowing when to do a scene change.”

How many people does it take to complete the task?

“Depending on the scene or how big the prop is, usually at least one or two people.”

What’s the most memorable moment you have had with running crew?

“During Act 2 while we were practicing for the first time, we were so lost we got extremely stressed out and in result we started laughing.”

What is the hardest prop to get on and off the stage?

“Probably rotating the box [the interchangable room scenes]. Though it’s a clever and easy way to change scenes, it takes at least four people to rotate it.”


Sam Gorham – Head of Painting Crew

Grade: 12

Years Active in GHSTA: 2

Sam Gorham

What have you been doing to prepare for the production?

“I have been kind of like becoming more of a leader because I’m crew chief painting. Although there aren’t many people in my crew, it’s still an experience I’m new to. Besides that, I’ve been painting nonstop.”

What has been the hardest part of painting crew for the production?

“Just having things look old and distressed, though fun, was stressful. Sometimes I would make signs too distressed-looking, so we would ofter have to retouch so that the audience would be capable of reading them.”

How many people do you have working in your crew?

“I would say ablut 5-6.”

What’s the most memorable moment you have had in painting crew?

“Just being able to see all of our hardwork and dedication being displayed on the stage. It just feels really good to see what we have done.”

What was the hardest piece you had to paint in this production?

“The signage. Getting everything even and perfect. The bridge was also pretty hard to paint just because it was really big and it required various coats to get the look we were looking for.”


Alexia Periguini – Sound

Grade: 11

Years Active in GHSTA: 2

Alexia Periguini

What have you been doing to prepare for this production?

We have gone through the script and noted where each character/actor speaks in order to find the easiest way to get microphones onto everyone that needs them, and we have found sound effects to best fit the mood and tone set by the production itself.

What is the most memorable moment you’ve had during this production?

The most memorable moment I’ve had during this production was being unable to recognize one of my friends because I had not yet seen her in costume.  The effect created by the makeup and the clothing upon the appearance of every one of the actors is phenomenal; the planning and interpretation is evident.