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Project Period: A Drive That Touches Upon an Overlooked Issue

The Period Project: A Drive That Touches Upon an Overlooked Issue

With drives and collections being held by various organizations, it is only expected to wonder if reoccurring and immensely similar drives are as mandatory as they seem. Ranging from donations in gently-worn shoes to cans of food, the Guilford Youth Feminist Alliance has taken a stand to fight for something most people have not seen being collected: tampons, pads, and all other menstrual products.

Being a rather “taboo” topic to begin with, the discussion of the need for menstrual products for those in need is ignored by the general public. In fact, menstrual products are pricey and almost always in demand for those who menstruate, though it is hard to imagine not being able to find something in your bathroom cabinet or to ask a friend to lend you a tampon.

This issue is mostly present in shelters, and centers such as ones that tend to domestic abuse victims, though many people continue to struggle outside of these organizations.


Some of the Guilford Youth Feminist Alliance Members on International Women’s Day.

In result, the members of Guilford Youth Feminist Alliance (GYFA) decided that instead of holding just any drive, it is most important to raise awareness while collecting period products, resulting in a more-informed public and caring for those in need.

Since announcing on their Facebook Group Page, GYFA, now with sixty-three likes and sixty-five follows, has developed a strong following of local, and national, feminists that are fighting for menstrual products for those in need.

The drive, Project Period, will officially begin (for a majority of the businesses housing donation boxes) May 6th and end May 28th.

An official list of all businesses housing donation boxes is posted on GYFA’s Facebook Page. All products will be donated to South Park Inn, a homeless shelter in downtown Hartford, and the Umbrella Center for Domestic Abuse Services.

If you are interested in helping out in the cause but are not able to physically donate products, GYFA has created a GoFundMe, in which they will be using all proceeds to purchase menstrual products to donate.