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Humans of Guilford (Spring 2017)

“This organization started in 1979 with Three Mile Island.  It was a protest against nuclear energy, and that shifted into a protest against nuclear weapons.  The Freeze Campaign started in 1982, and then we were protesting the deployment of missiles into Western Europe.  We were fueled by that for many years, and we used to have forums and walks and all sorts of events.  But then gradually, with the demise of the Soviet Union, people sort of became less interested in it and became less involved.  There were fewer people coming.  But nonetheless we show up.  I can’t say exactly every Saturday, but pretty much every Saturday since then.  The membership is diverse, and certainly not everyone agrees on everything.  Now, of course, with the current political climate, we have an array of things that we can be passionate about!”


“Well, number one, we’re for peace and all that peace means.  That’s what we stand here for; we want a peaceful world.  We all want different things, and we all have different opinions, so many different opinions, but basically it is peace.  And anyone can come and join us on Saturdays and show their love.  Almost everyone that you talk to will have a different issue that they care most about, but peace over power–the idea that if we are in it not to show might but to show right–would solve a lot of issues we’re passionate about.”