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Student Life

Who is your role model?

Role models play an important role in childhood. They are inspirational–someone you can look up to and aspire to be. However, role models vary from person to person. So, I asked several students around the school who their role model was and got a variety of responses:


“J.K. Rowling is my role model because she is an empowered woman. She pulled through hard times in her life and created the most successful book series of all time. She has done so much for people and I hope to do that someday.”

“My role model is my piano teacher. She always has an optimistic attitude toward everything, and even when something does not go as planned, she is still always happy and kind to everyone else. Also, she does many things throughout the community that help others through fundraising or simply spreading her joy of music.”

“My role model is Emma Watson because she is humble and courageously fights for what she believes in. Also, she is Hermione.”


“My mom is my role model because I admire her and she has taught a lot of things throughout my life. Specifically, life lessons and how she is always patient with everyone around her.”

“Mr. Cooksey is my role model. His ability to dig into literature to find the deeper meaning shows me that nothing is as it seems and motivates me to fulfill my academic potential. His way of randomly picking on people in class taught me to be brave and to not second guess my ideas.”

“My dad– he he has never stopped working for his family and for the underprivileged children he teaches. He has supported my ideas and dreams since I was a child, even when he was dealing with bigger problems. My dad is one of the wisest and selfless people I know.”

“My role model is my mother. Her drive and intelligence inspires me to become a better person who always works hard for what I want. My mother also taught me that you should always be proud of what you have, even if it isn’t what you want. This integrity is what makes her my role model.”