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New to the School: Mr. Foti

I sat down with new science teacher, Mr. Foti, and asked him a few questions.


Mr. Foti, new science teacher.

Where were you before here?

This is my first teaching job, full-time. Last fall I did my student teaching at Amity High School, and then last spring I did some day-to-day subbing- probably around March I did some long-term subbing in Seymour. But this is my first full-time job teaching science.


Where did you go to college and how did you decide to become a teacher?

I went to University of New Haven. Originally I’m from upstate New York, but then went to college at UNH and studied forensic science and biology. I realized that working in a lab wasn’t my thing, since I am a very people-oriented person, so the lab work for me was very isolating. Teaching was something I had already kind of done- I was a tutor in college- so I kind of went down that track, and now that I’m teaching, and employed, I love it. This is what I want to do.

If you weren’t a teacher, what would you be?

When I was growing up, for the longest time I wanted to be a sports journalist- that guy on television, announcing sports, doing play-by-play. When I was in high school sports was really my thing. I played baseball all throughout high school, I also ran track and indoor track. So I wanted to be a sports journalist until I had a realization that writing wasn’t my strongest suit and it would be a lot of English classes. So I could imagine myself probably doing sports broadcasting or something of that nature.


What is your favorite movie?

I really love The Green Mile, that’s probably one of my favorite movies. There’s a couple others, like Toy Story 3. Probably those two. I love movies in general, so it’s hard to pick.


Favorite book.

I’m not a big reader… I did read all the Harry Potter and Hunger Games books, but if I had to pick a single book, I’d say “The Kite Runner”, by Khaled Hosseini, which I read in high school.


Favorite food.

Anything that my grandmother makes. I grew up in an Italian household, so food was everything. I love to eat, I love to cook. My grandmother’s probably the best cook around and my uncle’s a chef for a living…