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Project Period: A Drive That Touches Upon an Overlooked Issue

April 25, 2017 8:24pm | Mia Eschinger

The Period Project: A Drive That Touches Upon an Overlooked Issue With drives and collections being held by various organizations, it is only expected to wonder if reoccurring and immensely similar drives are as mandatory as they seem. Ranging from donations in gently-worn shoes to […]

Scientists Create a Sponge that Can Clean Oil Spills in Water

March 30, 2017 2:20pm | Megan Dear

The scientists at the United States Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory have revolutionized oil and diesel spill clean ups. Their research started after the Deepwater Horizon’s pipes exploded on April 20, 2010. Deepwater Horizon was an oil drilling platform built by South Korea’s Hyundai […]

Recycling Myth Debunked

September 26, 2016 6:21pm | Charlotte Babbin

Recycling Myth Debunked Walking around the halls of GHS, we have all heard many rumors.  One in particular caught my attention: according to students and staff, the recycling and trash go to the same place.  This basically means that many people think that nothing in […]

A Rundown on the 2016 Presidential Candidates

December 15, 2015 12:39pm | Natalia Perez

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, let’s take a look at the remaining candidates and their views on important issues. Hillary Clinton Mini-Bio: Hillary Clinton was born in Park Ridge (a suburb of Chicago, Illinois) on October 26, 1947. A graduate of Wellesley College, she […]

The Home Stretch

January 5, 2015 9:26pm | Cole Horton

Thirteen months since the first pillar of steel was erected on the site of the new Guilford High School, a community’s efforts are finally reaching fruition. After a prolonged movement by citizens, educators, and students alike, the $92 million building was approved at referendum in […]